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Hand picked items of quality, restored where required with passion & care. 


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Whilst much of my professional career has encompassed sales, design and property, an appreciation of all things Antique and Contemporary has been my constant and my passion.

Sadly, we live now, in a throw away age of convenience. But there was a time, before mass production when items were measured by quality, not quantity. Pride and passion were invested into making things beautiful.

 For me an item of furniture, is so much more than functionality. It arouses emotive imagery within. Crafted by artisans, often centuries ago, surviving all that history can throw at it. 
Where secrets are stored in untold stories, from generations past!

The dining table that shows age through wear bears witness to many meal time conversations. Who has sat and rested upon the seat I now sit upon? Questions I pose, as I envisage the coming back to life, from a time gone by.

Irrespective of size, location and value, be it old or new, serene or hectic, minimalist or maximalist. Home is our sanctuary, away from the world outside.

How we choose to decorate and furnish our home, is borne through lifestyle, taste, necessity and memories. It is a window to our character.

Combining my professional skill set, with an appreciation of antiques. I decided that one is never too old to chase a dream. To start something new and embrace a new chapter.

Several months ago, along with the help of two very good friends, Johnny, Adrian and I set about turning an old agricultural barn into a showroom, workshop and storage facility for my new business.
Like so many afore. I am but the custodian of the items I now enjoy.

Whether it be today, or on your next visit, I hope something here ignites the passion and desire, for you to own, something ‘Antique or Contemporary’.


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Dedicated and passionate about beautiful furniture from a time gone by…




Our Quality

Each Item is checked over, to ensure its serviceable continuation.
Where required, sympathetic restoration is undertaken. Ensuring that the item/s you choose, serve you well and bring pleasure for years to come!

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